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The growing variety of material options is making countertops a new focal point in every kitchen design. The experts at St. Clair Kitchen & Home of South Orange, NJ will guide you through selecting the best choice for your needs, tastes and budget, ensuring your complete satisfaction with your kitchen or bath remodeling project.
Endless colors and the ability to coordinate easily with granite and other surfaces is the major advantage of using engineered stone. CaesarStone is the premier brand in this group, their patented process gives the natural look of stone without the maintenance. CaesarStone is 93% crushed quartz, one of nature's hardest minerals. The quartz is combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments and then compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, nonporous slabs. The slabs are post cured, gauged to precise thickness, and polished or honed to perfection. CaesarStone will resist heat, scratches, and stains and comes with a ten-year warranty. In addition, Caesarstone provides a vast array of styles to pair beautifully with any choice of kitchen cabinets.
Long seen as the go to countertop material for most kitchen design projects, granite is beautiful, and extremely durable. Most granites have a very obvious grain pattern, or movement, as it is called in the industry. We are careful to select large enough slabs to cover islands as seams will be very obvious. Take care when choosing a strong granite, using it on too many separate areas can be more a statement of mediocrity than cohesiveness. Here is where our design expertise becomes invaluable. We can help you select from the many countertop materials which will coordinate with your choice of granite. Granite was once only available with a polished surface, now there are many options such as honed, river washed and flamed. Granite should be sealed one or twice annually.
Wood is a very warm aesthetic which blends with many kitchen design elements, and is often paired with kitchen cabinets and molding details to create a furniture look. It is the most popular countertop in many European countries. Wood is perfect on an island, bar area or desk. We also manufacture coordinating table tops, bench tops and furniture legs. Our wood tops are sealed with twelve coats of marine varnish which make them maintenance free except for an occasional application of furniture cream. Numerous edge details are available and a variety of wood species including walnut, cherry, mahogany, quarter-sawn oak, and teak. Spills will bead and clean up easily. In case of damage, they can be continually renewed to their original finish, making them a great option for your kitchen and bath remodeling projects
Oh, the luxury of lava. No top gives the luxe, yet natural, and beautifully textured look as lava does. The surface is lightly textured with a crackled finish. Lava comes in a wide range of colors and is available in custom colors as well. The properties of lava are amazing. No staining, no porosity, completely heat resistant. It is also an antibacterial surface. The surface is coated with an enamel glaze that is kiln fired. Lava has all the properties one would wish for in a countertop! Alas, it is quite pricey and needs to be delivered from France. Be assured, no one on your street will have a countertop!
Smooth and cool to the touch, marble is a favorite surface for bakers. Marble comes in a variety of whites with gray and sometimes green and gold veining. Unmatched for it's dramatic look in a mostly white color scheme it requires, like most objects of great beauty, a lot of maintenance. Marble is also available in a wide range of colors, including beige, brown, coral, green and black. The same maintenance applies to limestone which ranges from beiges to warm yellows and browns to grays.
This quarried stone is softer than most other naturally occurring minerals. This has no bearing on it's durability however, since soapstone is much more dense than marble, limestone and even granite. Soapstone is impenetrable and will not stain. This is why soapstone is widely used for chemistry lab countertops and acid rooms. You can choose to oil your countertops for maintenance which will conceal the daily white scratches that will naturally occur. This will cause the countertops to darken over time, from green to almost black. Another option is to seal the countertops periodically. Soapstone is a classic look which was popular in homes during the 1920s.
Stainless Steel
For a commercial look that requires minimal maintenance, try stainless steel. Antibacterial, heat resistant, non porous, with a beautiful, gleaming quality to its surface makes stainless a very versatile material. Also available as a backsplash with the option of patterns such as quilted or sunburst, stainless gives a more casual, fun look to your new kitchen. We can also provide custom stainless doors, panels and toeboards. The contemporary look of stainless steel has staying power. It has moved beyond being a mere passing trend and has become a mainstream style.
Solid surface materials such as Corian are the durable, feel like butter to the touch, and have a substantial look and feel. What could be more beautiful than the 25 shades of the new Terra Collection? How about the fact that itís made with recycled content? The Terra Collection has been certified by Scientific Certification Systems to contain 6% pre-consumer recycled content, including seven colors that contain 13%. Virtually anything you can imagine in terms of countertop design and color can be accommodated by solid surfacing. Nicks, cuts, stains or scratches will not damage the surface as they are easily eliminated with an abrasive pad. Metal rods create an integrated trivet for placing hot pots on the surface. Corian is once again the cutting edge counter material it once was.
Concrete is an extraordinary material that is practical yet has endless possibilities for creative expression.
You can embed it with meaningful objects or elements which relate to your overall concept.
Concrete can be formed into any shape and comes in every possible color. It's great in contemporary applications but can also be texturized, painted and edged to look more traditional. As with marble and granite we do not recommend cutting directly on the concrete surface, as it could result in scratches and gouges in the finish of your countertop.

Pewter countertops have been used in French brasseries and cafes for centuries. Our pewter countertops are handcrafted in Normandy, France and can be customized with eight different edges. Made of 90 percent tin, 10 percent antimony and no lead material, the surface is completely safe for food preparation and resistant to chemicals. This makes them appropriate in any setting. Pewter countertops will acquire a natural patina over time and are a perfect foil for darker woods. Care is minimal, soap and water will maintain this once in a lifetime investment.

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